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Shenzhen Flying Logistics Co., Ltd., has been developing rapidly since our founding.  The head office is located in Shenzhen, China and we have established cooperation networks in most ports around the world, as well as setting up branch offices in the United States, Germany, and Czech Republic.  Supplying new and existing customers with door-to-door forwarding service. Our network management system effectively ensure good operation flow and high quality service.  Our motto always reflects our spirit – “Customer First, Service First”.

Our main business scope includes ocean, rail, road, and air transportation of international trade goods.  As booking agent of many shipping companies, along with signed agreements with a number of airline companies, we can offer enough shipping space at reasonable prices.  Services such as supplying forwarding advisories, arranging cargo transportation insurance, import and export agent, and obtaining export tax returns are available to us.  Applying for the consent, commodity inspection, certificate of origin, certificate of fumigation, and customs clearance may be supplied by us.  We have a fleet of 60 trucks in Guangdong, China which can safely supply timely and convenient container transportation services.  In addition, with over 1000 square meters of warehouse space available, we can offer storage, packing, LCL, logistics, etc.

We warmly welcome you to choose Flying Logistics.  Our professional staff with satisfy your shipping needs with their rich transportation experience.  With your call and instructions, we will safely send your goods to any destination.  We are ready and eager to establish sincere and friendly cooperation with you!

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