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New freighter is 'game-changer' for FedEx
Date:2010-4-1 Read:1974

FedEx Express claims the advantages offered by the B777 freighter will change the face of air cargo operations.

Speaking as the company took delivery of its first 777F yesterday Michael Ducker, president of FedEx Express’s international operations, called the 777F a “game changer”.

Transit times from points in Asia to FedEx’s US hub in Memphis, for example, would fall by 1-3 hours compared with the MD-11 freighter, allowing the acceptance of packages later in the day.

“Its operational efficiencies and environmental benefits alone are impressive, but combine those advantages with the service improvements it delivers and FedEx Express will be able to take international shipping to another level,” said Ducker.

“Our customers around the world will benefit from more point-to-point routes and the shorter flight times, increasing their competitiveness in the global marketplace."

The FedEx delivery was the ninth 777F supplied by Boeing since the aircraft’s launch, and 58 companies have now ordered more than 1,100 777s, including 71 777Fs.

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